Standard of Service

So as your Melbourne Marriage Celebrant, what can you expect from me?

Authorised Marriage Celebrants are registered by the Attorney-General’s department, and are responsible for ensuring that you are validly married, and that your marriage is registered. Accordingly, I will ensure that all the legal work associated with your marriage is completed in a professional manner.

I’m here to help , so I’m always available if you need to contact me – by email, phone, fax or in person. I have an extensive collection of music and literary resources to help you choose exactly the right poem, or song for your ceremony.

A rehearsal. Preferably on site if practicable – a chance for all involved to  work out what they’re doing on the day, so we can all feel relaxed and prepared.

Having worked with you to create your perfect ceremony, I like to give you a beautiful copy to keep as a memento.

Should we need to amplify your ceremony, or play the music you’ve chosen, I have the professional equipment required and I know how to use it.

A realistic fee structure based on your particular requirements, which reflects the time I will invest in making sure your ceremony is exactly as you want it. Working as personally as I do, I like to quote each ceremony individually rather than taking a “one fee fits all” approach.

An obligation-free get together, where we can have a casual chat about your plans and what you want your wedding to be. To spend some time sharing ideas, so that you have the opportunity to see if I’d suit what you have in mind.

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