Other Ceremonies

A Ceremony provides the opportunity to celebrate, welcome, acknowledge and pay tribute – it’s a way of marking Life’s Occasions in a most personal way.

Commitment Ceremonies –

There are many reasons why couples ask me as a Melbourne Marriage Celebrant, to work with them on a commitment ceremony –

It may be that they’ve already been married in a small, private ceremony and now they’d like to spread the news and celebrate that occasion within their wider circle of family and friends.

It may be that they’ve been married for years, but never had the wedding they wanted or could afford; so now when they’re able to please themselves, want to renew their vows in their dream ceremony.

For many, the idea of being legally bound to one another seems superfluous. The legal certificate isn’t going to make any difference to how they feel about each other or the strength of their relationship. The ceremony is more about celebrating the depth of their emotional attachment.

So whatever your situation, my approach is always the same – telling your love story in a commitment ceremony that’s all about you.

Funerals –

A Funeral Service that’s well written, well researched and delivered with genuine sensitivity can bring great comfort.

In times of sorrow, ceremony is the way to farewell, to mourn and remember. As a funeral celebrant, it’s always gratifying when couples I’ve been involved with in happier times, turn to me for help and guidance in preparing a Funeral or Memorial service for a loved one. Feeling comfortable with me and trusting that I’ll take my usual personal approach in creating a ceremony that truly reflects the character and individuality of that person and pays just tribute and respect to the life they led.

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