Have you ever been to a wedding where the ceremony was pretty ordinary? Where it all just seemed to go on and on about things that had little or nothing to do with the couple getting married? Where you couldn’t see or couldn’t hear and instead of feeling involved were just sitting there politely whilst every now and then discreetly checking your watch? You’re not alone! In fact, that’s the reason I became a celebrant in 2008. As a professional performer for most of my life, I could see that there was a need for a fresh approach, for wedding ceremonies that reflected the individuality of the bride and groom rather than a “one size fits all”. After all, there is no mandatory ceremony that must be used in each wedding. I saw a need for ceremonies that were not only genuine and meaningful but engaging, entertaining and enjoyable at the same time.

So as a Melbourne Marriage Celebrant, based in the inner Northern suburbs, I bring to my role a wealth of performance skills and life experience. With a warm, friendly manner, I’m interested in you and what you’d like your wedding to be. You’ll find I’m a good listener and have a way with words, always looking for the best way to tell your story. I’m able to create a wedding ceremony for you that’s truly personal, well written and beautifully staged. I know what works and what doesn’t; understanding and anticipating what needs to go on behind the scenes to make things run smoothly and to make you look and feel relaxed and happy on the day. Indeed my aim is to make the whole experience of getting married as easy and stress free for you as I can, so that you’re able to feel confident and comfortable with me, knowing that I have the experience and the dedication to make it happen.

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